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When we talk about decoration, one thing that has become one of the most favorite furniture that will cross their mind is a bookshelf. It is so because bookshelf is very useful for the house, it is not only used as decoration but it can also be used as a furniture to put things in order. Nevertheless, the design and material of the bookshelf is are very innovative and also creative. It gives a lot of uniqueness for the interior design based on the design and material of the bookshelf itself.

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Talking about bookshelf design, a corner floating bookshelf has been very famous among other furniture. Floating bookshelf is basically a wall bookshelf that is designed in such a way that it looks like it is part of the wall. This kind of bookshelf doesn’t need supports because it is installed on the wall. For to give your corner a good accent, you can use this kind of bookshelf as one of the ways to beautify the emptiness in the corner of the room. To get the best decoration, you need to figure out what material and concept of the bookshelf that will perfectly blend with the room’s atmosphere.

In term of design, there are many kinds of designs that are now loved by the people. There are ones that are designed to look like a maze, some others are zig zag, some others even designed to look like a round clock. In term of material, wood is very common to be used to build the bookshelf, because it is easier to be designed and shaped in various ways. Some others are made of metal and wood, it is more complicated but also more expensive. There are also some that are made of glass, this is usually used in bathroom or kitchen.

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